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Bandit & Maverick
Mr. Cartier
Cassie & One
Happy Owner
Happy Owner
I have come to really trust and
respect Adare. She has been
so good about always
accommodating my requests
every time I call. She has also
always been good about
offering helpful advice for my
doggie problems/challenges.
AS, Round Rock

Adare is the best pet sitter
we have ever had.  I felt very
confident that she could
handle our "Zoo".  With one
of my cats being 23 years old,
he needs a lot of medication
which can be very
overwhelming.  But she
handled it great! I think one
of the best things is that she
kept in touch and always
returned my calls. This really
made me feel comfortable.
MD, Round Rock

I had not used a pet sitting
service before and was a bit
apprehensive until Adare
came over for the initial visit
and any concerns were gone.
Now that the boys have been
spoiled by Adare I have no
qualms about leaving them in
her care. My dogst can be
real pistols when they go for
a walk and Adare is so
patient with their antics of
barking at school buses, the
neighbor’s dogs and each
other.  I like that Adare wants
to be contacted when I get
home because things can
happen to delay the return.
BC, Cedar Park

One of the reasons we're so
happy with The ZooKrew is
because we know you have
experience dealing with very
old animals. It's very
comforting to know that you
know how to deal with our 15-
year-old lab, and you
understand the special
attention he needs. AA,
Cedar Park

I was totally happy with your
service. Thank you for taking
such good care of my
"babies"!  CH, Round Rock

Adare has been wonderful in
caring for our pets.  She is so
loving I don’t feel bad at all
about leaving them at home.  
She is trustworthy and
dependable – what more can
you ask for? EW, Georgetown

Adare "rescued" my pets from
a long weekend at the
kennel. She called to assure
me that everything was as
expected on the first night,
and I loved the daily activity
log. The girls were healthy
and happy when I returned
home, and I am grateful that
they were able to stay in
familiar surroundings during
my trip. I would highly
recommend the ZooKrew! VM,
Round Rock

We were so very pleased.
ZooKrew (Adare) took
incredible care of our dogs,
leaving really nice daily
reports (twice daily in fact) of
their activities and well-
being. We had never used a
pet sitter before and will
likely never use a kennel
again. CM, Pflugerville
We have a large number of
pets (2 dogs, 9 cats, and
two aquariums), and
vacations used to be
something looked forward
to, as well as dreaded. We
had tried the "friends
checking on animals"
route, and it still produced
anxiety, both for us and
our pets. We also tried
boarding - the dogs hated
to be boarded, the cat box
became an unhealthy mess
that was a night- mare to
deal with when we came
home (and likely a
nightmare for the cats), and
we always lost fish.

The only solution that we
have found that keeps our
pets healthy, and relieves
any concerns that we have
while we are on vacation
about them, is by using a
responsible and reliable
pet sitter. In addition, for
our dogs, it's like they get
a vacation treat, too -
ZooKrew walks them far
more then we do!

The dogs greet Adare like
she is an old friend and it's
clear they adore her. Now,
we don't have to worry
about any of our animals,
or the mess that would
greet us when we got
home. As a side benefit,
we know someone is in the
house multiple times a day,
which makes us feel much
better about leaving for a
full week.

I would heartily recommend
pet sitting by ZooKrew
over any other alternative,
for the health of people's
pets and the psychological
comfort of their owners.
JL, Cedar Park

Knowing that our pets
were in good hands
allowed us to relax and
enjoy our vacation! TC,
Round Rock
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