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The ZooKrew Pet Sitting, LLC
The ZooKrew Pet Sitting, LLC

Welcome to The ZooKrew Pet Sitting!

Cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds, exotics -- we have experience caring
for a wide variety of pets, ranging from huge dogs to the smallest
hamsters and mice. We love them all!

Our Services:

Pet Sitting: We take care of your pets in the comfort and safety
of their own home. We can accommodate as many house
visits as your pet needs, and we also provide housesitting
services (turning lights on/off, watering plants, etc.).
Dog Walking: Does your dog need a good, brisk midday walk
or play time? What dog doesn't?! We will come to your house
and provide a much-needed bit of exercise, so that you come
home to a happy pet.

We are dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible care
and love. We provide service to the Round Rock and Cedar Park, TX
areas. Click
here for a map of our coverage area.

We have a good deal of experience with older pets, large dogs, and
pets who need medication (taken orally or via injection).

Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

All pets are unique and have varying
individual needs, but all pets rely on the
comfort and security of their home, family,
and daily routine. Using a pet sitter allows your pets to remain in
familiar surroundings and to maintain a normal schedule. And your
pets will avoid the stress and exhaustion that many encounter when
they stay away from their home.

Also, you are not restricted to certain times of the day when you can
pick your pets up or drop them off. With pet sitters, we come to you,
so you have more freedom and flexibility with your travel plans.

Pet sitters become part of the family - trusted caregivers who visit
your home and provide individualized loving attention to your pets
and home. Pet sitters provide not only food, water, exercise and
medications, but also play time, petting, and sweet talk.

          Pet sitters follow the routine you have
          established with your pets. Your home benefits
           from the extra security with routine daily visits to your
           home. Newspapers and mail are promptly
           collected, porch lights turned on and off, blinds
             and drapes adjusted, trash curbed for collection
             and interior lights rotated, etc.